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25 Jul 2017

The franchise NBA 2K has gained prominence over the years, thus annually becoming the most awaited series in the field of gaming. For another blast of experience, NBA 2k18 will soon be launched. If we go with the report, this 19th installment of NBA is expected to release in September this year (2017).


Developed and released in the year 1999 NBA 2K is known to be a series of simulation video game of basketball. For the new gamers, here’s brief information. A simulation video game is known to be developed in order to simulate those real world activities closely. NBA or specifically, National Basketball Association emulates the sport and presents improvement with each installment. Consisting of eighteen installments,...

25 Jul 2017

Game-enthusiasts, are you ready for WWE 2K18? Because of you are not, then get prepared! Across the world cannot wait for the upcoming edition of WWE 2K18 gameplay and they are ready for it.

Rumors regarding the WWE2K18 witnessing a ‘substantial change’ to the franchise with the release of the upcoming edition is also doing rounds online. WWE 2K18 is ranked as one of the best-selling video game franchises in the world with more than 60 million copies shipped.  The recent edition of WWE 2K17 was released last year, on October 24, 2016.  It is the eighteenth game of the series and why the fans are longing for it is that they want the games to feature the maximum match types possible and now more matches should be added to...

21 Jul 2017

In case you are a gaming enthusiast, you are bound to ask the Internet one serious question: what about the latest Playstation 5 news and when is the release date of the new console? Fret not, we may have finally unearthed some juicy details on that aspect. According to multiple sources, the release date of the newest console from the stables of Sony may already have been leaked. Read on.

While Microsoft has been looking forward to launching its latest Xbox One X this year in the month of November, it seems that Sony too has not been sitting idly. It too has been priming its resources to make the latest console a grand success. Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, who had earlier predicted, correctly, as it...