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21 Jul 2017

In case you are a gaming enthusiast, you are bound to ask the Internet one serious question: what about the latest Playstation 5 news and when is the release date of the new console? Fret not, we may have finally unearthed some juicy details on that aspect. According to multiple sources, the release date of the newest console from the stables of Sony may already have been leaked. Read on.

While Microsoft has been looking forward to launching its latest Xbox One X this year in the month of November, it seems that Sony too has not been sitting idly. It too has been priming its resources to make the latest console a grand success. Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, who had earlier predicted, correctly, as it later turned out, the release dates of the previous consoles, the Playstation 4 Slim and Pro, has turned in a release date prediction of his own. The later half of 2018, just next year.

We received the news via the Wall Street Journal and it seems to point to the fact that Sony is eagerly waiting the dawn of next year, so it can show off to the world what an amazing piece of technology it has designed for gaming enthusiasts. Besides, it will also have to prove its mettle against its arch rival, the Xbox One X, which launched nearly one whole year earlier.

Not all analysts are so sure about the latest Playstation 5 news, however. Apparently, the 2018 release date is not too believable to them. Another noted expert, Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter has stated that he, in turn, believes that the PlayStation 5 will launch in 2019, and not next year. Pachter has also predicted one more aspect of the upcoming Playstation 5: it will be backward compatible with all of the PS 4 Pro's games.

In other words, we have two contradictory reports on the Playstation 5 release date. Which one should we accept and which one should we reject with a slight dash of salt? However much we want to see the new console next year, we do not believe that it will launch before 2019. Pachter has even given a reason behind his reasoning: Sony is waiting till all the existing TV sets are hooked on to the 4K drip bottle before it even thinks of launching it. The number of 4K-enabled TV sets is still pretty low around the world.

Wrap Up

So, given that the latest Playstation 5 news does seem to be giving us some good news, finally, when do you believe that the console will arrive? What features do you expect on board? Let us know.



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